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Experience the local culture, tour Chacchoben ruins, interact with a local family, savor an authentic meal, make new friends and celebrate Maya tradition as it unfolds right before your eyes.

A guided tour that will take you from the myth of creation through the collapse of the great Maya civilization, enjoy the sounds of nature and climb Gran Basamento for spectacular views of the jungle.

The perfect combination of culture and adventure in Costa Maya. Tour Chacchoben Ruins then swim, kayak or just relax and enjoy nature at the spectacular Seven Color Lagoon.

Experience Costa Maya's local culture first hand and whet your appetite for an authentic lunch, then relax, swim or kayak in the pristine waters of the Seven Color Lagoon.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure from Costa Maya to Bacalar Lagoon, a mesmerizing oasis of serenity and natural splendor.

Stucco mask at Kohunlich


Kohunlich Ruins Tour

Enjoy a quiet and peaceful guided tour through the jungle, climb the temples and explore the palaces of Kohunlich, Costa Maya's largest Maya ruins site and home of the Sun God.

Explore Dzibanche at a relaxed pace and away from the crowds, climb to the top of awe-inspiring pyramid-temples to enjoy the breathtaking views of the jungle from above the treetops.

The ultimate ruins excursion in Costa Maya. Tour the beautiful temples and palaces of Kohunlich and climb to the top of the monumental pyramid-temples of Dzibanche on the same day.

Fill your day with adventure at the spectacular Seven Color Lagoon, marvel with its different shades of blue, swim or kayak in its pristine waters and enjoy this piece tropical paradise.

Great Costa Maya excursions from the local experts

We're the first tour operator providing Costa Maya excursions for cruise ship and hotel guests looking for great adventures. Our Costa Maya excursions combine culture, adventure, personal service and the insight only natives can bring to a site.

We offer authentic experiences in Costa Maya, excursions to all the ruin sites accessible from the port of Costa Maya, tours that will immerse you into the world of the modern Maya through a personal interaction in a Maya home and fun adventures at the spectacular Seven Color Lagoon.

Reserving any of our Costa Maya excursions is the first step to an enjoyable and authentic experience!

What makes our Costa Maya tours different?

A few reasons why our Costa Maya tours outstand from the rest:

  • Back to the ship on time guaratee.
  • We're proudly natives and very passionate about preserving and transmitting our cultural heritage.
  • The insight only a native can bring to a site.
  • We tour in small groups.
  • Our Costa Maya tours are adapted to fit your times in port.
  • Full refund of tour deposit guaranteed if your cruise ship doesn't call port in Costa Maya.

What our guests say about our Costa Maya Excursions

EXCELLENT! One of the best excursions we have ever taken. It was not too long or too short and the pace was excellent. The beauty and magnificence of these ruins is just wonderous! Ivan made the entire experience one to remember from the minute he stepped into the van until the time he dropped us at port.

Ivan, your knowledge, stories, and passion about what you do and who you are made a world of difference. We thank you for your time and attention and for allowing us to have an excellent day in Costa Maya. Keep the jokes coming, watch out for speed bumps and yes, you were right, the spicy pineapple is highly addictive!

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Annette Zawadzki Arnprior, Ontario Canada Carnival Dream Chacchoben Ruins Tour

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